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Hi, I'm Kelli...

Oh, what our God will do when we say yes to all He has for us!

More than 20 years ago, when stress and illness were overwhelming my little family, I wanted nothing more than for my kids to be healthier and happier than they were, and for them to be able to raise strong, healthy families of their own one day, and so I decided to walk away from the toxic American lifestyle that left us feeling cruddy too much of the time, and I started learning new things and focusing on getting and keeping us strong and healthy naturally!

It's been a beautiful journey, with lots of healthy, happy smiles, adventures, and memories! I was blessed with grandbabies as my girls became adults, and I have 9 of them to-date! Bonus to keeping myself naturally healthy too... my healthy, happy grands tend to want to do REALLY FUN things, and I get to be ALL IN! We ride horses, swim, ski, tube, jet-ski and play in the oceans! We've surfed, climbed rock walls, walked ropes, zip-lined, tower-jumped, and crawled through caves!

My husband prefers a Harley to a horse, and so you'll see me on the back of his bike when the weather's right. :)  And if I'm feeling particularly crazy, I'll even join him for a few days of winter camping in the mountains of Montana!

My deepest desire, though, is to hear, "Well done!" when this short stint on earth is over - being in the blessing of our amazing Father's guidance and wisdom is my favorite place to be! In all the fun I have, it's only fun if it's positively impacting someone's life, even if in a small, simple way.

I love making a difference in the world, I love that God's love gives me a smile that's always available to brighten someone's day, and I love that my heart is always seeking Him, my safe and happy place.
My oldest grandbaby and me! :)
Kelli Johnson Sanford - All Rights Reserved - All Wrongs Reversed
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